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Direct response advertising is in SFSCT’s DNA.

Media Planning

The team at SFSCT truly understands the importance of developing media plans which clearly outline the path to scaling profitably.
Our campaigns are ultimately crafted to meet the needs of our clients ,every client receives a fully-customized media plan based on their unique goals, challenges, and ideal customer profile.

Advertising is both an art and science. This is clearly the case with eCommerce advertising where the creative (art) impacts the ad click-thru rates (science). Our media plans will highlight how we will leverage both art and science to hit your target KPI’s.


We are in a world that revolves around digital media involving cross-channel/device interactions that occur daily.
Not only are people using multiple devices, they’re constantly switching between them throughout the day. SFSCT sees this as a constant in the social advertising world.
A full funnel strategy mindset means our strategy must be consistent across the entire campaign. The ad creative must align with the landing page creative. The ad creative must engage, speak to, and convert the users we are targeting. When a prospect submits a lead form we must make sure we have systems in-place to convert that hot lead asap.


SFSCT's  display services can design attractive banner,landingpage and video as your requirements, and place them in high-quality and large-volume websites, which can bring great clicks and leads.


With a team built of analysts, creatives, engineers, and marketers, we understand the ambiguous pieces that drive positive returns for digital marketing campaigns. Evolving from a performance and brand marketing background, our team gets the importance of combining brand guidelines and audience segmentation when it’s needed, or building aggressive acquisition funnels that drive rapid scale. We know what it takes to move the needle, no matter what is your objective.